Public Administration Alumna Michele McCrimon

Recently our Alumni Coordinator, Joshua Davis, asked Michele A. McCrimon, a graduate of our Public Administration Master’s Degree program in partnership with Alfred University, to talk about her experience.

Tell us about yourself – where has your journey brought you?

A dedicated wife, mother of three, public health professional and recent graduate of Alfred University’s Public Administration Master’s Degree program are a few of the factors that have contributed to my journey. Over the last decade, I have worked as a steadfast public servant at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. I currently serve as the Training and Resource Coordinator with the Newborn Home Visiting Program. In that role, I am responsible for developing, coordinating and conducting trainings, protocol development and implementation for staff and managing special initiatives/projects. I identify and track resources across the city that will benefit families, specifically in our most vulnerable and underserved communities. I develop and maintain hospital partnerships and spearhead community marketing partnerships with stakeholders for the program.

What made you pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Administration?

At an early age I was told that you will never understand the true value of giving until you give something to someone that can’t give back to you. I carried that saying with me and always wanted to experience that feeling, and made that saying a part of my core values. I was searching for a degree that had no limits and endless possibilities. The Public Administration Master’s Degree program covers a broad array of disciplines, taught by instructors who are active professionals and leaders in the field of Public Administration.  As a Public Administrator I will have the ability to serve so many people that will never be able to repay, but who will possess the knowledge to pay forward thus adding to the continuum of learning.

How was your experience taking Alfred/ CITE courses? 

My experience taking courses at CITE was amazing and life changing. While the textbooks served as valuable points of reference, the professors brought the situations highlighted in the textbooks to life. I remember sitting in my Legal Issues class wondering how I was going to decide on a legal issue to focus on for my final paper. Professor Agnihotri said “think of what is wrong in the world and find out what you can do to make it right”. That was the defining moment for me and it was the moment that I realized that I can be a change agent.

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Tell us about your Capstone Project

I am very passionate about population health. I focused on the social determinants of health that impact breastfeeding for women residing in one of our city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods (Bedford – Stuyvesant). My research question was, “How does race and place of residence impact breastfeeding outcomes?” I chose to delve in deeper and research breastfeeding outcomes for African – American mothers, because where you live impacts how you live, and how you live determines how long you live. The same determinants impact if a woman will breastfeed and how long she will breastfeed. Where a woman lives impacts her breastfeeding experiences and outcomes thus impacting the nutrition choices and health of African – American babies.

Will you continue your project?

Yes. Research has revealed the challenges that impact breastfeeding outcomes for mothers in our most vulnerable communities. Now it’s time to figure out a way to make the changes that are necessary that improve outcomes for African – American Mothers. As the lead of staff training and development for the Newborn Home Visiting Program, I continue to develop strategic training plans to strengthen client engagement techniques that educate, protect and support the mothers.

Tell us more about your role with the Newborn Home Visiting Program

In my current role, I am developing an overarching training plan for the Newborn Home Visiting Program. The Newborn Home Visiting Program serves mothers city-wide that resided in the NYC Shelter System, and mothers that reside in neighborhoods that have the highest prevalence of disease and poorest health outcomes. I currently develop and deliver trainings to the Home Visiting staff. I teach a broad array of health topics that are delivered to the mothers we serve.

Would you recommend CITE to a friend?

Absolutely. I have been spreading the word about this program to colleagues through the Department of Health. I think the program is comprehensive and will catapult their career in the field of Public Administration.

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